Summer Reading and Math

Lower School

We have created a variety of challenges for Lower School students to have fun over the summer while practicing and applying their math, reading and writing knowledge and skills. Each child will have both a Summer Math Challenge Sheet and a Summer ELA Challenge Sheet specific to their grade (linked below). Please refer to the directions on each challenge sheet for further information.

All students entering grades 1-4 are also required to complete a reading log identifying the books they have read. Your children have worked so hard this year to reach their current reading level! Research shows that students who read consistently throughout the summer maintain their end-of-year reading level as they enter the next grade. We want this for all of your children! The reading log must be signed by a parent or guardian before being turned in during the first week of the school year. Please refer to the directions on each reading log for further information.

If you are a parent of a child attending Dragon Camp, please know that these students will participate in projects and activities each day that will partially address the math and ELA challenges in the summer homework. The teachers will provide a certificate at the end of each session of Dragon Camp that can be attached to each child's summer work. Please note that work completed in Dragon Camp does not take the place of the independent reading log.

If you have any questions about Lower School summer work, please email Kate Remillard, Interim Director of Lower School, at

1st-4th Grade Reading Log

Reading Level Charts

Guided Reading Summer List

Middle School

All students entering  5th-8th grades are required to complete summer assignments in both math and language arts.  This work will be graded, and students are expected to complete the work no later than August 18, 2022.

Please encourage your child to do their summer math and reading practice a little at a time throughout the summer. Completing all the practice at once at either the beginning or end of the summer is not nearly as beneficial to protecting the investment your child has made in learning new skills and knowledge at school this year. Just as shorter, more frequent workouts help to keep our bodies healthier than an occasional longer workout, frequent reading and math practice completed a little bit at a time every week will help position your child for academic success next year.

For math class requirements, students rising into grades 5 - 8 must complete a minimum of six (6) hours of summer math practice on IXL, a program familiar to your child already. Once your child logs into IXL following the instructions below, they should work on problems from their Skill Plan, which can be accessed by going to the “Learning” page (default) and then clicking on the “Skill plans” tab (second from left) where they can then select Math, Reading or Language personal study plan. These study plans are customized for your child based on their most recent MAP(™)  Growth benchmark. If a question in a recommended diagnostic is unfamiliar to the student, they should use the online help features available for that question, such as the “Tutorial” and “Learn with an Example” (both at the top of each question’s webpage) and “Work it Out” options (located on the bottom of each question’s webpage). If the help options don’t provide enough guidance, the student should select the “Haven’t Learned this Yet” option and move on to other recommendations. 

Students rising into 5th-8th grade who were enrolled in Adjusted/Modified class sections for the 21-22 school year will complete 3 hours of math work in IXL and a hardcopy math packet. Mrs. Ramsey will send the packet home in hard copy and will send an email separately with further instructions. If your child loses his or her math packet, you can print a copy at home from this folder: Summer Math Packets.

If you have any questions about IXL math practice, please email Paul Williams, St. George's Middle School Math Department Chair, at To log in to IXL, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Sign in with Clever"
  3. Click "Log in with Google"
  4. Enter the student’s Google username and password (same as credentials used to log into their school Chromebooks)
  5. You can monitor the time your child has spent in IXL following these instructions: How to Log Into IXL & Monitor Time Spent on Activities 2022

Language Arts
For language arts, students must read one required novel, listed below. Your child will be given a copy of this book to take home to highlight and annotate throughout the summer. They must also complete the accompanying online questions as they read through the book, accessible from the StG Summer Work Website. You may also access it from the MyStG page (passkey: Napoleon). Optional space on the reading log is provided for any other books they choose to read. If you have any questions about summer reading during the month of June, please email Lindsey Goeke,  at If you have any questions after June, please email Tanya Musa, St. George's Middle School Language Arts Department Chair, at

Required Reading Novels:

  • 5th = Stella by Starlight, Sharon Draper
  • 6th = Holes, Louis Sachar
  • 7th = The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton
  • 8th = The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

For extra review and continued practice of language arts skills, students are encouraged but not required to work on their individualized MAP skill plan for Language and Reading in IXL. We recommend an average of 30 minutes to an hour a week of practice in IXL to keep their skills fresh. While students are only required to read one assigned book, we also strongly encourage them to read other books of their choice in order to maintain a consistent reading habit. Lists of recommended books by grade are provided below.