St. George's Alumni Knight at City Park


Welcome, St. George's alumni! Whether you graduated last year or fifty years ago, St. George's alumni are DRAGONS FOR LIFE, and we invite you to stay connected! Fill out the form below to submit or update your contact information. We also love learning about what our alumni are up to, so if you would like to be featured on the alumni page or in the next issue of Accoladeplease email us at

Finally, we hope you'll use the hashtags #dragonsforlife and #stgalumni on social media when you reconnect with your St. George's classmates or join us for an event.

Alumni Events

Knight at City Park

St. George's alumni at Knight at City Park event

Alumni are invited to enjoy the school's annual Knight at City Park event for FREE! Our most recent graduates can pick up their yearbooks, and all alumni can catch up with friends and past teachers while taking in the rides and enjoying the music and food. We ask that alumni who are attending RSVP to

Dragon Player Alumni Night

Any alumni who acted in the Middle School play are invited to attend one of this year's performances for free! We'll have pizza ready for you before the show, and you'll have time to catch up with past teachers and old classmates.