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Welcome to My StG, the section of our website designed especially for our current parents, faculty and students. The buttons and drop-down menus below will allow you to access information pertaining to Alma (student information system), uniforms, school lunch and more. 

If you need to make a one-time payment to the Business Office, including for enrollment deposits, please use the enrollment deposit button. To access the school's tuition payment site , please use the FACTS button.

The StG Holiday Book Fair

Looking for information about the amazing StG Holiday Book Fair the Parents Group is organizing for the week of December 7 - 13? Click the button to the right to find class visit schedules, a schedule of events for the week, a meal order form for Thursday's Green To Go lunch and more!

We're Collecting Grandparent and Great-Grandparent Information

Please click the button to the left to submit your child(ren)'s grandparent and/or great-grandparent information. These addresses will be used for invitations and other mailings, including the beloved tradition of holiday photo cards. Any questions can be emailed to

Lunch and Snack Information

December Lunch Menu

Lunch Order Form

St. George's Episcopal School has a catered lunch program. Please fill out the Dino's Catering lunch order form for the 2019-2020 school year.

Dino's Catering Lunch Order Form

Nut Awareness Policy

We ask that students not bring loose nuts or snacks with nuts because of the risk of one falling out somewhere on campus where a child with an allergy may be exposed to it.

  • Do not send any loose nuts, peanuts, tree nuts, trail mix, cookies, or other snacks with nuts for your child’s snack or lunch. 

  • Do not send any snacks that contain peanuts or tree nuts for the entire class, special snack, or parties. An ingredient label should be present on the snack. 

  • We strive to keep the Michael R. Boh Early Childhood Center playground a nut-free environment. No snacks or lunches that contain nuts or nut butter should be eaten on the playground

Nut Butters: Nut butters are allowed to be eaten in the Gallery or Forum.

  • Pre-K4 - 1st grade students may bring peanut butter or other nut butters for lunch. We ask that parents mark their child’s lunchbox with a note to tell teachers that the lunch contains a food item with nut butter so we can properly monitor. 

  • Some preschool classes are allowed to have nut butters. You will be notified about your child’s specific preschool classroom.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

  • Certain classrooms/homerooms may be designated as nut-free spaces to prevent contamination of shared equipment and supplies. 

  • Students should always wash hands before coming to school or entering class after consuming any nut product, including nut butters. 

  • Dino’s, our meal service provider, does not use any nut products except in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  • Tables will be cleaned after each lunch.

Although we cannot guarantee that the school will be completely free of loose nuts, with parent cooperation, the campus will be as safe as possible for children with peanut and tree nut allergies. If you have questions regarding the nut policy, contact the school nurse. 

Alma: St. George's Student Information System

Alma and Alma Start Information

Click here for Alma and Alma Start instructions.

Click here for a blank health form for 2019-2020.

Uniform Information

2019-2020 St. George's Uniform Guide

Detailed uniform information for students in PK4-8th grade can found in this downloadable PDF.

St. George's Uniform Guide 2019-2020

Lands' End Fit Guide

All of St. George's uniforms are ordered through Lands' End. We have provided a fit guide to help you choose the style and fit best for your child. 

Lands' End Fit Guide

Lands' End StG Shop

StG Team Store - Open Through October 24th

2019-2020 Important Dates

Calendar Overview and the St. George's Google Calendar

2019-2020 Calendar of Important Dates
Some calendar changes occur throughout the year, and the most updated version of our school calendar can be found via the homepage or by clicking here.

Adding the St. George's Calendar to your Google Account

Though the St. George's calendar is always available via the homepage, if you have a personal Google account, you can also add our school's events to your Google calendar.

1. Open your Google calendar and look to the bottom left for "Other Calendars"
2. Click the + to add a new calendar
3. Select "From URL"
4. Copy/paste this url:
5. Click "add calendar" and you're all set!