The StG Community Fund

Wherever we are and in any circumstance, St. George's is who we’ve always been-- a community. We remain here for each other, which is why we are relaunching our StG Community Fund, the purpose of which is to lend the shield of St. George to community members who find themselves in need during this difficult time. 

If you are inclined and able to assist StG community members in need, please support the StG Community Fund by giving online below. If you are in need of assistance, please read more about eligibility and the timeline for a response to your application:

The purpose of the StG Community Fund is to help us all through this time of uncertainty by providing the following (with the first bullet point being our priority): 

  • Providing financial resources to our faculty, staff and families who may find themselves in need of that help; examples may include housing assistance due to evacuating, groceries, supplies and more.

  • Ensuring the StG campus receives the necessary repairs for students and staff to safely return to campus.

  • Supporting our friends and neighbors who sustained damage and are in need of our support.

Eligibility, Review Process and Award Process

StG Community Fund Application

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Our StG Community Fund Supporters for Hurricane Ida Relief

We would like to thank all of our donors for supporting this fund during what has been a difficult time for so many of our faculty, staff and families.

Dr. and Mrs. Miguel Aguilera
Reverend and Mrs. Alexander Breckinridge, IV
Mr. and Mrs. James Cahn
Dr. Desiree and Mr. Gary Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Claverie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Closs
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coffin
Ms. Suzanne Danos
Ms. Betty K. DeCell
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre DeGruy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garda
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gray
Mr. Ford Sutter and Mrs. Jonnie Honse Sutter
Dr. Frank Jordan
Mr. Benjamin Guider and Ms. Julia Khani
Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Kitzman

Ms. Maureen Kraker
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kropog
Ms. Jessie Kutcher
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Leaman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marsh
Ms. Suzie Fowler
Drs. Christopher Maulucci and Jessica Kraker
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Michaels
The Morse Family
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Nowalsky
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Saballos
Dr. William Shelton, III and Dr. Alexis Russell-Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Utley
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilt
Mr. Chad Wittfeld and Ms. Pauline van Riel
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Womac