The Annual Fund for St. George's

This year, we invite you to step up and Lead the Way by supporting the Annual Fund for St. George's. We cannot reach our goals without you!

The Annual Fund for St. George’s is the main way we ask parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff and all friends of StG to support the mission of our beloved school. Each year, annual fund gifts account for 6.5% of our operating budget in order to bridge the gap between tuition and expenses of our day-to-day operations, which creates an opportunity to enhance the educational experience for all students at St. George’s. 

The Annual Fund for St. George’s is an unrestricted fund. Unrestricted gifts allow the school to direct funds to our areas of greatest need. These gifts are the highest form of philanthropy and the most powerful gift a donor can make. 

Whether you can give $10 - $10,000, every gift makes an immediate impact on our students. Our #1 goal is simple -- 100% participation from our families. Supporting the annual fund at any level demonstrates a belief in our mission and a commitment to the continued success of St. George’s and our students for many years to come. 

Will you consider helping us today? Make your pledge or donation by clicking the button below.

Annual Fund for St. George's Goal: $350,000

Our primary goal, though, is 100% participation
from our parents, Board of Trustees, and faculty/staff!

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Shield of St. George Donor Party 2023
Donors who give to the Annual Fund at the Shield of St. George level are invited to a celebration each year. 

StG Parents: Lesley Melancon, Jonnie Sutter and Jessica Chandamuri

StG Parents: Leclare Ratterree '95 and Dori Hernandez

StG Parents: James and Zizi Yockey, Grady and Jill Fitzpatrick

StG Parents: Sam and Samantha Berman, Kenneth Miestchovich and Lisa Lupin

StG Parents: Mimi Sandow and Jennie Diemont 

StG Parents: Larry and Nina Pugh, Lauren and Ken Flower '88

Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Fund

Our 2023-2024 Annual Fund for St. George's Donors

Knights of St. George $10,000+
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cahn
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Coffin
Mr. Romualdo Gonzalez and Ms. Marilee Meyers
The Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family
Founders Club $5,000 +
Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Bergendahl
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Pugh, III
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Rodriguez, Jr. / Gustaf W. McIlhenny Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Saballos
Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Stokes 
Dr. Sarah Yockey and Mr. James Yockey
Benefactors $2,500 +
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Alltmont
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Berman
Ms. Jessica Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Breckinridge, V '95
Amy and Lawrence Family Fund 
Mr. Josh Collen and Ms. Nicole Siegel
Mrs. Peggy Demarest
Mr. and Mrs. George Denegre, Jr. 
Mr. Peter Diiorio and Ms. Erin Healan
Dr. Noah Emerson and Ms. Gia DiLeo-Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Falk
Mr. David Garner
Dr. Veronica Gillispie-Bell and Mr. Troy Bell
Mr. and Mrs. George Gilly
Drs. Jessica Kraker and Christopher Maulucci
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kreutziger *
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Little
Ms. Annie Balart Michaels
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pies
Mr. Leclare Ratterree, IV '95 and Ms. Dorothy Hernandez
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Vergara
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilt
Shield of St. George $1,969+ (The Gap)
Mr. and Mrs. John Amato
Dr. and Mrs. Will Blankenship
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Flower '88
Downman Family Foundation
Mr. Benjamin Guider and Ms. Julia Khani
Ms. Perrin Jones *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lawton, III
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan McKinnon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Newhouse '96
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Nowalsky
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Randle
Mr. and Mrs. John Redmann
Drs. Tyler and Marguerite Sandow
Mr. Daniel Shea and Ms. Stephanie Stokes
Drs. John Steen, Jr. and Stacey Holman Steen
Dr. Joseph Tarsia and Ms. Jasmine Gorowara
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Westfeldt, II
Mr. and Mrs. George Williamson
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Yount

Sponsors $500+

Ms. Julie Adler
Ms. Lissy Amato
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Asevado *
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Batson
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Berman
Mr. and Mrs. George Bernstein
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Billings
Dr. Jasmijn Bol
Capt. and Mrs. Hayes Booksh
Rev. and Mrs. Alexander Breckinridge, IV
Drs. Babi and Jessica Chandamuri
Mr. Lawrence Collen
Ms. Marcia Cooke *
Ms. Karen Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Diemont
Ms. Penelope Dralle and Mr. Bart Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Fitzpatrick
Mr. Chris Follmer '95 and Ms. Gretchen Siemers '95
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin George 
Mr. and Mrs. John Goehring
Hon. and Mrs. Joseph Goeke
Mr. and Mrs. James Gundlach
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kirschman
Ms. Jennifer Kottler
Mr. and Mrs. Cliffe F. Laborde 
Mr. Paul Leaman, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward LeBreton
Dr. Elma I. LeDoux
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. McNulty, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McNulty
Merrill Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meth
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Middleberg
Mr. Mark Mintz and Ms. Jen Kitner
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Munoz
Mr. and Mrs. John-Paul Piper *
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Segura 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith, III
Mr. and Mrs. Dayalan Sonaram
Dr. Michelle Steinhardt and Mr. Mason Talbert
Mr. and Mrs. Dowling Stough '00
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tran
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wight

Friends of St. George $1-$499
Ms. Andrea Accardi and Dr. Ian Crimmins *
Ms. Ellie Adamo
Dr. and Mrs. Miguel Aguilera
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alltmont
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Alphonso 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Aucoin *
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bacques
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Bagot, Jr. 
Ms. Brandy Barbier *
Ms. Caroline Bermudez
Evelyn A. Bevis
Ms. Madeleine Bienvenu *
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Breckenridge
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Brower, III '02
Dr. Hilary Brown and Mr. Jason Morrell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown
Ms. Janice Bruno
Dr. Cyril B. Burck
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burnette
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burns *
Ms. Kennedi Byers *
Ms. Gael Byrnes * 
Ms. Celeste N. Cahn '07
Mr. Claude Carbo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Casey 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Childers 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Claverie, Jr. *
Ms. Jean Clinton 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Collen
Ms. Madeline Cook *
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cox, IV
Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Crawford
Ms. Christine Cruse *
Ms. Annie Curry *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cuthrell
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dalovisio
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Davis, Sr. *
Mani Dawes and Sean Josephs
Ms. Betty K. DeCell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dunlap
Miss Sarah Duplantier
Mrs. Rochelle A. Effron *
Ms. Sylvia Ellis *
Mr. and Mrs. James England
Ms. Mary Lou England
Ms. Lydia Fangue *
Dr. and Mrs. Adil Fatakia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Federline
Ms. Diane Flax *
Mr. and Mrs. David Forly '99
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Forster
Ms. Suzie Fowler *
Mrs. Caroline Frampton *
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Friedman
Ms. Patricia Friedmann
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Fromherz
Mr. Je Gales *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garda *
Mr. Michael A. Garrett and Ms. Kelly P. Haywood
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse George
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Gerner
Ms. Shelia Gibson *
Mr. Harry N. Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Morrazel Grimes *
Mr. and Mrs. Brodie Glenn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goeke *
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gold
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Gold, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Goldsmith
Drs. Nicholas and Jennifer Gorham
Ms. Gigi Graffagnini *
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gray 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Green 
Ms. Josephine Gristina
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Guider, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Guidry
Mr. Timothy P. Guiza '99 and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Guiza '01
Mr. and Mrs. Miller Gunn
Mr. Jacob Guth * and Ms. Jessica Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hammond *
Ms. Aby Hamrick *
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Hayley Harang '00 *
Ms. Ashley Haspel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hayden
Hazen Commercial Management Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Healan 
Ms. Rocky Helmer *
Adam and Samantha Hill
Mr. and Mrs. D. Douglas Howard, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hudson *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hunter
Ms. Susan Hutchinson
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott Isaac *
Ms. Kya Johnson *
Mrs. Gracie Jonas and Mr. August Jonas *
Ms. Emily Jordan *
Mrs. Nancy Kuss Juge 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kabazzi
Ms. Amanda Kay *
Mrs. Dawn Keith *
Mr. Wade Kimbro * and Ms. Stephanie Alves
Dr. Lauren Knapp and Mr. Mark Knapp
Dr. Joy Kohlmaier and Mr. Philip Pawlicki
Mr. John Kozel
Ms. Maureen Kraker
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kropog
Ms. Chanel Labat
Mr. Michael Landry and Mrs. Maria Landry *
Ms. Julee LaPorte and Mr. Delaney DeJean
Ms. Natasha Laurent
Miss Katie M. Lawton '20
Mr. Jonathan Leit and Ms. Jennifer Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Archie LeJeune *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lobell *
Margaret and Rocky Lundy 
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Lustberg
Mrs. Irene Mackenroth 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Maki *
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mangham
Marolon Mangham
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Manolis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Matthews
Ms. Jessica Maxie *
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Mazzulla *
Ms. Caroline E. McCall *
Mr. and Mrs. Adam McConnell *
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mcdonald
Ms. Janet McKnight
Mrs. Lynn McTernan
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick McTernan *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meteye
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Michaels
Mr. Kenneth Miestchovich and Ms. Lisa Lupin
Mr. Tristam Millard and Ms. Meagan Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. Ovide Miller, Jr.
Ms. Paula T. Miller *
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Minihan, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mohre
Ms. Sidney Morgan *
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Morgan
Daniel and Serena Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morton, Jr. *
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morton, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Musa *
Mr. and Mrs. William Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Navarro '95
Ms. Caroline S. Nead '06
Mr. and Mrs. Jimy Negrotto *
Ms. Shawn O'Brien
Mr. Matthew G. Olson and Ms. Diana K. Soto-Olson
Ms. Erin Orlowski *
Ms. Ana Pabon and Mr. Luis Del Valle *
Ms. Deborah Pavur *
Dr. and Mrs. F. Corry Payne, III
Ms. Gwendolyn Payne *
Ms. Elizabeth Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Peppo
Ms. Amy Perlick
Ms. Courtney L. Petit
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peyton
Ms. Kathryn Phelan *
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pick
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Pies
Ms. Taylor Piller *
Mr. Jacob Powell and Mrs. Christina Powell *
Mr. and Mrs. John Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Pulsinelli *
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Ramsey *
Ms. Jadah Rauchwerk *
Ms. Frances Reisman '11 *
Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Kate Remillard *
Drs. Thomas Reske and Michelle Loch
Ms. Megan Riess and Ms. Charlotte Mitts
Mr. Tom Riley and Ms. Kacey M. Hill
Ms. Stephenie E. Risher
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley Robinson, IV '01 *
Mr. and Mrs. Uriel Ross
Mrs. Amy Rosser *
Drs. Justin and Meghan Salerian
Mr. Alistair Salisbury and Ms. Tanya Mennear
Ms. Karin Sandstrand *
Mr. and Mrs. James Schnieders 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Scioneaux
Mr. John and Mrs. Allie Segura *
Miss Kata Segura '21
Ms. Camille Shall *
Mr. Howard Shapiro and Ms. Catherine Boozman
Ms. Lisa Shea
Dr. Cameron Simmons, Jr. and Dr. Sarah Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Simpson 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sison *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skuba
Aimee and Sefton Spangenberg
Mrs. Richard Spangenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Spedale *
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spedale
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Spreen *
Mrs. Camille Steen
Ms. Megan Suane * 
Mr. Ford Sutter '02 and Mrs. Jonnie Honse Sutter *
Ms. Layla Sutton *
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Talley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Teall *
Dr. Kaitlynn and Mr. Tyler Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. David Thornton *
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tritschler
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Utley
Mrs. Daisy M. VanDenburgh
Ms. Alexandra E. Vega '11 *
Mrs. Maddie Vega *
Ms. Lauren Joan Vega '09 *
Mr. and Mrs. Andre L. Villere, Jr.
Christopher and Lucie Voelker *
Ms. Fatima Waheed*
Ms. Kathryn Walet *
Ms. Katherine Wang and Mr. Patrick Gaetjens
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weiser *
Mr. and Mrs. Martin West *
Mrs. Mary Catherine Wilbur *
Ms. Catherine P. Wilkie
Dr. Thomas Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Womac
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan A. Womac *
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Worden *
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Yockey
Dr. Beverly Yount
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zorzi

Annual Fund Reports

A full list of donors to the Annual Fund for St. George's can be found in our Annual Report. 

Download the 2020-2021 Annual Fund Report

Download the 2019-2020 Annual Fund Report