The Annual Fund for St. George's

One of St. George’s Episcopal School’s enduring traditions is ushering in each new school year with the ringing of a brass hand bell at our opening assembly. This year the ringing of the bell was particularly special because it marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of our wonderful school. For 50 years, St. George’s has occupied a pioneering, innovative space in the independent school landscape of New Orleans. Our strength has been our recognition that no two children are alike and that each one possesses a fascinating combination of gifts and challenges. Here, each child grows academically, creatively, emotionally, and spiritually, while developing a sense of self-worth and moral responsibility. By maintaining small learning environments and a low student-to-teacher ratio, we provide an unmatched level of attention and personal interaction so that each student gains the confidence to achieve his or her fullest potential.

Our model is incredibly effective, but tuition revenue alone does not cover its costs. The difference between tuition revenue and St. George’s operating expenses (known as “the gap”) is valued this year at $1,500 per student. It is met through generous donations, including your gift to the Annual Fund.

Your gift will go to work this school year to provide an immediate benefit to our students.

It assists in compensating and training our faculty – the dedicated and talented professionals who carry out the mission of St. George’s every day. It assures that each student is supported through enhancements to classroom technology; experiential learning across divisions; opportunities for personal grown through athletics, character education, creative arts, talented and gifted programming, and service projects; and, of course, an exceptionally low student-to-teacher ratio.

We hope that you will “Ring in 50 Years” with us by making a contribution to this year’s Annual Fund!


Annual Fund for St. George's Goal: $225,000

Our primary goal, though, is 100% participation
from our parents, Board of Trustees, and faculty/staff!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Fund

I already pay tuition. Why should I donate to the Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund for St. George's is our top fundraising priority. Tuition alone does not allow us to hire our talented faculty and offer all of the amazing programming we're recognized and celebrated for having; the annual fund covers "the gap" (the difference between operating costs and tuition).

Do ALL independent schools have an annual fund ask?
Yes! Locally (and outside of New Orleans), independent schools fundraise annually to secure the difference between tuition and the year's full operating costs.

What does the operating budget cover?
Everything that keeps our school running! St. George's operating budget covers salaries and benefits for our faculty, staff and administrators; tuition assistance for faculty and qualified families; supplies; facilities maintenance and improvements; technology; utilities; advertising; costs of special events; insurance; postage and printing; professional fees; security; website costs and more.

Why is 100% participation so important?
100% participation is crucial because it shows our community's dedication to and confidence in St. George's. This percentage is referred to by foundations and other organizations interested in supporting our school.

How much am I expected to give?
We hope that St. George's will be our current families' top philanthropic priority. We recognize that each family is different and will pledge accordingly. Consider donating at the gap ($1,500.00) or above to cover your child's total educational cost. Our ideal situation is 100% participation for our families, though, so we ask that you give the amount that makes the most sense for your family.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Can I pledge now and pay later?
Yes! Click HERE and navigate from "make a single gift" to "pledge to give" to make your pledge today.

When are all payments due?
All payments (including on pledged gifts) should be submitted by May 31, 2020.

Our 2019-2020 Annual Fund for St. George's Donors

Thank you to the individuals and families below for their support for the Annual Fund for St. George's! The list below is current as of 3/27/20 and will be updated once monthly for the remainder of the school year. Please contact for any name-related changes or questions.

Knights of St. George
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kimble
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilt

Founders Club
Mr. and Mrs. Husted DeRussy
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gray
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Pugh, III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Westfeldt
Dr. Hong Xin and Mr. Donglai Yang

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bonura
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Breckinridge, V
Mr. and Mrs. William Courtade Carrere
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coffin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Favor
Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Flynn
Ms. Peyton P. Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Flower
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kreutziger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lawton, III
Mr. Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Little
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Michaels
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Nowalsky
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schafer
Dr. and Mrs. John Schieffelin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simmons, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stockwell

Shield of St. George
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alltmont
Mr. Kurt Weigle and Dr. Jennifer Avegno
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Billings
Dr. Jasmijn Bol
Mr. and Mrs. James Butler
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cahn
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cangemi, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Closs
Mr. Josh Collen and Ms. Nicole Siegel
Mr. Beau Dingler and Ms. Carly Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Eustis
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Falk
Ms. Lee Anne Garner
Dr. Veronica Gillispie and Mr. Troy Bell
Mr. Kyle Graffagnini
Dr. and Mrs. Byron Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. James Holsapple
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Johnson
Ms. Perrin Jones
Mr. John W. Joyce and Ms. Christine Harvey
Ms. Ivy Kraker
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Leaman
Mr. Bruce R. Lelong and Dr. Lynn Adams Lelong
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marsh
Drs. Christopher Maulucci and Jessica Kraker 
Mrs. Kim Nguyen and Mr. Luu Tran
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Provosty
Mr. Eric Revels and Ms. Stephanie Salvaggio
Mr. Robert Rogers and Ms. Kara Breithaupt
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Ryan
Dr. Michelle Steinhardt and Mr. Mason Talbert
Mr. Warner Thomas
Drs. Michael Tran and Anh Le
Dr. Nicolas Vergara and Mrs. Diana Vasquez Vergara
Ms. Erin Yaggy
Dr. Sarah Yockey and Mr. James Yockey
Dr. and Mrs. Royce Dean Yount, Jr.
Cara Zorzi Bergendahl

2 Anonymous Donors
Dr. Thomas Albrecht and Dr. Heather Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Batson
Benefits One
Mr. Samuel Berman and Ms. Samantha Murrah-Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bernheim/The Bernheim Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Blankenship
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Breaux
Reverend and Mrs. Alexander Breckinridge, IV
Mr. and Mrs. James Carriere
Drs. Babi and Jessica Chandamuri
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Claverie, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Cocek
Mr. Lawrence Collen
Ms. Marcia Cooke
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Costello
Mr. and Mrs. David Curry
Dr. Mary Killackey and Mr. John DeCell
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Demarest
Mr. and Mrs. George Denegre, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Driscoll
Dr. Noah Emerson and Mrs. Gia Dileo-Emerson
Ms. Fredericka M. Flynt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gaetjens
Mr. and Mrs. Cres Gardner, III
Ms. Laura Glazer
Hyslop Shannon Foundation/Tracy and Michael DeGruy
Deborah Hinson and Michael DeGeorge
Ms. Yancey Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kaliszeski
Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher Katira
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kitzman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kirschman
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Kuban
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Middleberg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Monsted, III
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Munoz
Mrs. and Mrs. Arthur W. Nead
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Opotowsky
Mr. and Mrs. John Priester
Regions Financial Corporation
The Reily Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. R. Corey Rougelot
Dr. William Shelton, III and Dr. Alexis Russell-Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. S. Talmadge Singer, II
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spedale
Mr. Michael Stag and Ms. Catherine Cummins
Dr. John Steen, Jr. and Mrs. Stacey Holman Steen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sutton
Dr. Kaitlynn Thompson and Mr. Tyler Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Timm
Mr. Michael Valentino
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wight

Ms. Andrea Accardi and Mr. Ian Crimmins
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Alltmont
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Alphonso
Ms. Lissy Amato
Ms. Gail Andrews and Mr. Dick Marchase
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Aucoin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Bagot, III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bagot, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barbier
Dr. and Mrs. Neil Baum
Mr. and Mrs. William Baxter
Ms. Deborah Bell and Mr. Neil White
Mr. and Mrs. Cody Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bergin
Ms. Carolina Bermudez
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Billings
Ms. Mary M. Bledsoe
Ms. Melyssa Bratton and Ms. Christina Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Broussard
Mr. and Mrs. David Broussard
Dr. and Mrs. James Brown
Ms. Laura Brown and Ms. Angela Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Burck
Dr. Cyril Burck
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burnette
Mr. Spencer Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burns
Ms. Gael Byrnes
Miss Kelsey Caballero
Mrs. Luz Caputto
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Carapina
Miss Kathryn Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Janssen L. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Chapoton
Ms. Jane Charbonnet
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Charles
Ms. Gretchen D. Chrane
Dr. Deborah Christiansen and Mr. Kenneth Christiansen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Claverie, Jr.
Ms. Jean E. Cody
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Louis Colletta Jr.
Ms. and Mrs. Mark Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Corzantes
Ms. Annie Curry
Mr. Colin and Dr. Michelle Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Davis, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Davis
Miss Denise DeBlanc
Ms. Betty K. DeCell
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre DeGruy
Ms. Suellen DeRussy
Mr. and Mrs. Husted DeRussy

Friends, continued
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Diemont
Ms. Erica Dodson
Ms. Penelope Dralle
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Ehrensing, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Elias
Ms. Ann Ellis
Mrs. Judith Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Emmett
Mr. David Engles
Mr. James Falvey
Mrs. Grace Fary
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Favrot
Mrs. Margie Fell
Ms. Kelly Finegan
Drs. Mark and Ann Forshag
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Forster
Ms. Suzie Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. M. Ellis Frater, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Friedmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fuller
Mr. Patrick Gaetjens and Ms. Katherine Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garda
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse George
Ms. Nancy Ginzel
Ms. Linda R. Goeke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goeke
The Kelly & Robert Grace Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Grace, Jr.
Ms. Josie Gristina
Mr. Benjamin Guider and Ms. Julia Khani
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Guidry
Mrs. Riana Guidry
Mr. and Mrs. James Gundlach
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haertling
The Hales Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hammond
Ms. Aby Hamrick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harang
Ms. Ann B. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Harris
Ms. Ashley W Haspel
Mr. and Mrs. John Haspel
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Hill
Ms. Faustine Hillard
Mr. and Mrs. John Hope IV
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hopwood
Ellinor and D. Douglas Howard Jr. Fund
Ms. Sarah Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Hutchinson
Miss Gracie Jonas
Ms. Margaret Jones
Ms. Tierell Jones
Ms. Donna Jimerson
Ms. Carol Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kearney
Ms. Karen Kea
Mrs. Dawn Keith
Mr. and Mrs. P. Alden Kellogg
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Kew
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Kiefer 
Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Kitzman
Dr. Joy Kohlmaier and Mr. Philip Pawlicki
Mr. Keith Kornman
Mr. John Kozel
Ms. Maureen Kraker
Ms. Jessica Kutcher
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Laborde
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Lassus, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Latter
Mr. Gregory Lawler
Dr. Elma LeDoux
Ms. Patricia LeDeoux
Mr. Jonathan Leit and Ms. Jennifer Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Archie LeJeune
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lewis
Ms. Danielle Lloyd
Ms. Gina Longstreth
Mr. Preston Lovelace and Ms. Kelly Donaghy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mackenroth
Mr. William D. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Manolis
Mr. Edward F. Martin
Mr. Stephen Mattesky
Miss Caroline E. McCall
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McCall
Mr. and Mrs. Adam McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McKiernan
Mr. Chandra Menon and Ms. Della Hasselle
Mr. Ryan Meyers and Ms. Mary Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Ovide Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Minihan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rahman Mogilles
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mohre
Mrs. Madeline Moot
Mr. and Mrs. David Morantez
Ms. Gloria Morantez
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morton, Sr.
Sushant Mukherjee and Megha Patel
Ms. Yaqui Munoz
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Musa
Mr. and Mrs. Jimy Negrotto
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Nehrbass
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Nicoll
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Norris
Ms. Penny Nunenmacher
Ms. Peggy Odem
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Oliver
Miss Rebecca Ott
Miss Hayden Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pellerito
Ms. Elizabeth Perciful
Mr. and Mrs. Ignace A. Perrin, III
Mr. and Mrs. John Planchon
Mr. James Post
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael J. Rabalais, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Ramsey
Drs. Rashmi and Shreyas Rao
Mr. and Mrs. Dipankar Raychaudhuri
Mr. and Mrs. Mayukh Raychaudhuri
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Remillard
Mr. Tom Reske and Ms. Michelle Loch
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Reugger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley Robinson, IV
Ms. Amy Rosser
Mr. David Rubin and Ms. Renée Seré-Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ruiz
Ms. Natalie Rutsch
Miss Melanie Sandahl
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sanders
Ms. Karin Sandstrand
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schmidtke
Mr. and Mrs. James Schnieders
Miss Lauren E. Scioneaux
Mr. and Mrs. John Segura
Drs. Malachi and Claudie Sheahan
Dana and Louis Shepard Donor Advised Fund
Miss Suraya Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sison
Miss Sophie Simonson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. James Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dayalan Sonaram
Ms. Stephanie Sonnier
Mr. and Mrs. William Sossamon
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Spedale
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Spreen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. John
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. St. John
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steckler
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stockwell
Mr. and Mrs. Dowling Stough
Mr. and Mrs. Donato Summa
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sutherland
Ms. Layla Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Talley, Jr.
Dr. Joseph Tarsia and Ms. Jasmine Gorowara
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Teall
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Teesdale
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Cody Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tritschler
Mr. and Mrs. C. Tritschler
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Utley
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. van Benthuysen, Jr.
Mrs. Daisy M. VanDenburgh
Ms. Lisa Vaughan
Mr. and Mrs. Andre L. Villere, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Walter
Dr. Rachelle Ward and Mr. Jason Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weiser
Mr. Jacob Weixler and Dr. Lindsay Weixler
Mr. and Mrs. Martin West
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams
Mr. Paul Williams, III and Ms. Hailey Bowen
Miss Sydney Williams
Mr. Daniel Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilmore
Mr. and Mrs. William Wiltz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wittfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Woodson
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Utley
Dr. Beverly B. Yount
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zorzi