The StG Community Fund

No matter whether we are together on campus or on Google Meet or Google Classroom, we are who we’ve always been-- a community.  We are here for each other, which is why we are launching our StG Community Fund, the purpose of which is to lend the shield of St. George to community members who find themselves in need during this time of uncertainty. The very idea was instigated by the leaders of our faculty “Sunshine Committee” who suggested that we take their remaining committee funds pooled together for social gatherings and donate them equitably to our hourly workers. 

If you are inclined and able to assist StG community members in need, please support the StG Community Fund by giving online below. If you are in need of assistance, please read more about eligibility and the timeline for a response to your application:

The purpose of the StG Community Fund is to help us all through this time of uncertainty by providing the following (with the first bullet point being our priority): 

  • Financial resources to our faculty, staff and families who may find themselves in need of that help; examples may include financial aid, gift cards for groceries and more.

  • Opportunities for our incredible faculty to gain access to new tools that they may need to continue educating your children remotely; examples may include access to new technology, subscriptions or other creative learning tools to ensure that your child continues excelling in the StG Community at Home virtual learning environment. 

  • Support for our Counseling and Wellness Department and Resource specialists so we can be innovative in how we continue working with children to further the progress they have made and are making educationally, socially and emotionally. 

  • A healthier, happier StG upon our return to campus. 

Eligibility, Review Process and Award Process

StG Community Fund Application

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