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Academic Games Registration

Open to all fourth through eighth graders, the St. George's Academic Games team plays four games annually: Propaganda, Equations, Presidents, and On-Sets. Practices are held twice weekly, and times and the practice location will be communicated by the Coach. At the conclusion of each season, students compete in a city-wide tournament organized by the New Orleans Academic Games League (NOAGL).

Any questions about the Academic Games program can be directed to Kate Remillard at Kate.Remillard@stgnola.org.

We encourage students who may be interested to try out a practice or two before deciding. Registration for each individual game will be due after the second week of practice.

(You may register for multiple games now or come back and submit an additional registration for each game as it is played throughout the year)​

Each game played incurs a $100.00 fee that will be charged at the time of year when the game is played. This fee includes one t-shirt per year, snacks at practices, tournament fees, and coach compensation. *** BY TYPING MY FULL NAME BELOW, I UNDERSTAND THAT I WILL BE CHARGED $100.00 VIA MY SCHOOL FACTS ACCOUNT FOR EACH GAME NOTED ABOVE.***