Discovering Your Family's Rate of Tuition

Your Family, Your Tuition: How It Works

The Process

All families seeking consideration for an individualized rate of tuition are required to submit an online application with FAST  Powered by ism. Families must also file supporting documentation with FAST. The 2024-2025 application is now open.

2024-2025 FAST Powered by ism Information
The deadline for prospective families to submit all materials in order to be considered for first-round consideration is December 31, 2023.  Returning families will receive their rate of tuition with their re-enrollment contract if the FAST deadlines outlined below are met. New applicants will receive their rate of tuition with their admission decision. For FAST applications submitted after December 31, 2023, decisions will be made and communicated on a rolling basis.

FAST collects and processes all information and sends a confidential report, including a recommendation, to St. George’s Tuition Review Committee. The committee reviews this report, along with the school’s budget, and makes decisions about rates.

Deadlines for submitting your FAST application:

  • For prospective Age 1- 8th grade students: December 31, 2023*
    This deadline is for first-round consideration for prospective families.
  • For returning students (rising Age 1 - Pre-K3): November 27, 2023
  • For returning students (rising Pre-K4 - 8th): December 31, 2023

To begin the process, follow the steps below:

  • Access the FAST application via the button below or via the FAST website.

  • Complete the application online, including the submission of all supporting documents.

  • Pay for the application to be processed - $53.00. You may use Mastercard, VISA or American Express.

  • Submit a copy of your 2022 taxes (both State and Federal) along with all schedules and W-2's to FAST by electronic scan or mail.

Understanding Rates of Tuition: Family Examples

The examples below demonstrate representative scenarios of personalized rates of tuition. For consistency, all children included in the families are StG Lower School students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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