Resource Services

Since 1975, St. George’s has served both locally and nationally as a leader in providing support services for children. Resource Services exists as a part of St. George's to assist students with learning, academic and/or speech/language difficulties. Our team of Resource specialists, working in partnership with classroom teachers, provides students with a fully integrated program to help our students find individual success. 

Students receive their primary instruction within the regular classroom, attending Resource sessions for an additional fee in groups of two or three students, for one to five sessions weekly. The number of sessions a student attends, as well as assessment of fees, is determined by each student’s needs. Resource teachers work with parents to develop a Resource Services Student Education Plan (SEP), which identifies specific goals/objectives to address deficit areas. Resource specialists educate students as to their individual learning profiles to help them better understand the learning strategies that correspond to their profiles and to encourage them to become self-advocates for greater independence and confidence as students. Students are encouraged that through hard work and application of skills, they can achieve their goals.

"Sam struggled with reading and writing since he was in first grade. He came from another school where they knew he was having trouble but didn't know how to help him and didn't have dedicated resources available. St. George's knew exactly what to do. They immediately got him tested and made a plan to support him. They taught him how to utilize the many tools available for his needs. He learned to advocate for himself and ask for help, and he learned the importance of perseverance. St. George's has brought back the joy and excitement of learning. He still has to work hard, but he knows he can do it. Now he reads in his free time-- for fun!"
-  St. George's parent, Cathy S.

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