Middle School

Fifth through Eighth Grade

Middle School is a complex time in children’s lives as they transition socially, developmentally and academically into young adulthood. St. George’s has designed an academically challenging curriculum that focuses on the individual child. Students learn content, develop study skills and gain confidence as they mature into young adults and prepare for high school.



Students learn content, develop study skills and gain confidence as they mature into young adults and prepare for high school. 

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Middle School at a Glance

  • Children have the opportunity to participate in smaller classes grouped by ability and in larger classes. Participation in a range of class structures prepares students for high school.
  • Classes in language arts and math are divided by ability and learning style in each grade level.
  • High school credit can be earned via eighth grade world language and math courses.
  • Students are supported by a robust advisory program in which they talk about identity, relationships and real-world skills.
  • Students receive individualized instruction through a wide range of Talented and Gifted programming and support provided by our Resource Services program.

Our Curriculum

Language Arts

Our program focuses on developing analytical, interpretive and evaluative thinking skills in the following areas:

  • Literature
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Oratory


Students explore various scientific topics  through hands-on laboratory activities each year:

  • Fifth Grade: Environmental science
  • Sixth Grade: Electricity and magnetism, chemistry  and kingdoms of the living world
  • Seventh Grade: Zoology, geology and forces and motion
  • Eighth Grade: Astronomy, human biology and genetics

Social Studies

Students use critical thinking skills, develop content-specific vocabulary, build their reading comprehension and become effective writers able to analyze the world in which they live.

  • Fifth Grade: A stimulating, case-study approach to geography is used. During the course, students learn about great geographers and their tools. Students also examine different regions of the world including: United States and Canada, Latin America, Europe and Russia, Africa, Southwest and Central Asia, Monsoon Asia and Oceania and Antarctica.
  • Sixth Grade: Students are introduced to the beginnings of the human story. As they explore the great early civilizations of Egypt and the Near East, India, China, Greece and Rome, students discover the secrets of these ancient cultures that continue to influence the modern world.
  • Seventh and Eighth Grade: This two-year course covers the history of the United States from the first Americans through the Civil Rights Movement. Students learn about the principles of our government, the changing nation and the experiences of various people groups within our country. Additionally, students examine Louisiana’s history as it relates to each unit of study in American History. 

World Language

Middle School students select to continue their study of the French language begun in Lower School or take Spanish. Our world language program focuses on developing communication skills in a cultural context  by building vocabulary, conversation skills and written knowledge. Annually, our students place in the top tier of Le Grand Concours/National French Contest and the  National Spanish Exam.

Creative Arts

St. George’s uses an innovative elective system designed for Middle School students to gain increased exposure to the arts. Our program promotes creativity, cognition and critical thinking, while also providing a bridge to different cultures, self-expression and a hands-on way of learning more about the world. Students choose up to three electives each year (one per trimester) from the following categories:  

Musical Arts:

  • Orff Music
  • Concert Band
  • Choir (meets additionally as a club)  

Expressive Arts:

  • Visual Art
  • Digital Photography
  • Dance


  • Students gain a strong foundation in mathematical  concepts by building analytical, problem-solving and practical application  skills in the following areas:
  • Operations of decimals, fractions and integers
  • Number theory, real number properties and order of operations
  • Data analysis, graphs, probability and statistics
  • Elements, translations and measurements of geometry
  • Proportions, similarity and dilatations
  • Algebraic translations, algebraic transformations, graphing and solving of linear and non-linear algebraic equations and inequalities, polynomial operations
  • STEM-based learning including robotics, 3D printing and coding
  • A math lab is offered for students that are in need of additional math support


Technology is integrated throughout the Middle School curriculum using various age-appropriate devices and digital tools. Every student receives their own laptop. We issue Google accounts and provide access to online textbooks and programs so that our Middle School students stay connected. All students have access to a “Techsploration Lab” equipped with two 3D printers, iPads and additional Makerspace materials. Fifth grade students also attend technology classes regularly, while computer skills are incorporated into classes throughout the year for students in sixth through eighth grade.

Physical Education

Middle School students participate in a program designed to improve their health  and education through physical activity. Students develop  basic skills, physical confidence and sportsmanship through  a variety of challenging activities and games. Additionally, all Middle School students participate annually in FitnessGram, a non-competitive health-related fitness assessment.