Lower School

Kindergarten through 4th Grade

In Lower School we build an academic foundation by igniting our students’ natural curiosity through a comprehensive approach to learning. We recognize that no two children are alike and that each one brings unique qualities to our community. We push and support academic growth, while acknowledging that growth happens best when the emotional and social development of our students is equally valued and nurtured. We create whole and small-group environments that allow students to take risks and stretch beyond their level of comfort in order to exceed expectation. We believe that small class sizes are the key to success. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows us to focus on the individual child and foster the development of critical thinking, self-confidence and a deep love of learning.



We build an academic foundation by igniting our 
students' natural curiosity.

Lower School at a Glance

  • Kindergarten through fourth grade students have a vertically-aligned curriculum to ensure strong continuity and reinforcement of skills across grades. Our curriculum is heavily guided by research, especially in reading and math.

  • Reading and math content are taught in a flexible small-group setting, and groups are based on students’ abilities and learning profiles in each grade level. Three curriculum levels include advanced curriculum, standard curriculum and adjusted curriculum.

  • For students with significant reading difficulties, an additional modified curriculum level is available on a limited basis. The modified reading group in each grade level is taught by a reading specialist who follows an Orton-Gillingham approach.

  • In Lower School, social-emotional learning is taught in equal measure to a wide variety of academic pursuits. This allows students to develop as informed St. George's citizens who are comfortable and content with themselves and their peers.

Our Curriculum