Who We Are

At St. George’s Episcopal School, we believe confidence is the cornerstone for success in education and life. Since 1969, our rigorous academic environment has focused on utilizing small group learning to encourage our students to explore the world around them.

At St. George’s Episcopal School, we are proud to fully develop, not merely educate, each student.
Our low student-to-teacher ratio enables us to provide an unmatched level of attention and personal interaction so that each student gains the confidence to achieve his or her fullest potential. Our philosophy looks beyond test scores, focusing on developing creativity, determination and a strong sense of self-worth and moral responsibility at school and in the larger community.

We stand out in the community in the following ways:

  • Small, flexibly leveled reading and math groups starting in kindergarten
  • Project-based learning
  • Creative Arts electives for middle school
  • SPARK enrichment clusters for Lower School 
  • Highly trained and dedicated faculty 
  • Communication between teachers and parents

"Sam struggled with reading and writing since he was in first grade. He came from another school where they knew he was having trouble but didn't know how to help him and didn't have dedicated resources available. St. George's knew exactly what to do. They immediately got him tested and made a plan to support him. They taught him how to utilize the many tools available for his needs. He learned to advocate for himself and ask for help, and he learned the importance of perseverance. St. George's has brought back the joy and excitement of learning. He still has to work hard, but he knows he can do it. Now he reads in his free time-- for fun!"
-  St. George's parent, Cathy S.

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Since our beginning in 1969, we have established many traditions that have become an integral part of the school. Our mascots are the dragon and St. George of legendary fame. St. George was a high ranking Roman soldier who was martyred in 303 A. D. He was much revered by the crusaders, and in 1350 he was made the patron saint of England. St. George is best known, however, in legend for rescuing the king's daughter from being sacrificed to a dragon. Our dragon appears as the mascot of our athletic teams.