St. George's Strategic Plan

With Purpose | 2021-2024

Why is our strategic plan titled, “With Purpose”? Because everything we do at St. George's, we do with purpose, on purpose, for a purpose and ultimately to share our purpose-- from our student and parent engagement to our teaching and curricular decisions to our strategic choices laid out to you here. Our purpose derives from an elegantly simple premise: since no two children are alike, each child learns differently. We at StG see children as unique learners, individuals who find educational success in a varied learning environment utilizing a differentiated approach to education. Our students are our purpose.

St. George's is the only Greater New Orleans school committed to a truly personalized learning experience that aims to understand and meet the individual needs of each student, where learning differently means teaching equitably. By integrating our core values and social and emotional learning with wellbeing and academic achievement, we build from within, one student at a time but with each other in mind.

Sharing this purpose distinguishes us in the landscape of New Orleans schools and will indeed propel our mission forward for the next three years and many years to come.

Our Strategic Commitments