Our Mission

St. George’s Episcopal School is boldly reimagining education to build confidence, perseverance, and intellectual curiosity in our students.

Our Mission: We excel in educating children. At St. George's, each child grows academically, creatively, emotionally and spiritually, while developing a sense of self-worth and moral responsibility. We recognize that no two children are alike; each one possesses a fascinating combination of gifts and challenges. We serve a blend of learning profiles in a family-like atmosphere of care and concern with a highly trained and dedicated faculty. Together, we embody perseverance, integrity, compassion and respect– values that foster lifelong learning and success. 

Our Vision: We envision a vibrant community that celebrates every child’s talents and achievements to cultivate the confidence and character they need to seize success.

Our Core Values: Compassion, Perseverance, Integrity and Respect

About St. George's