Meet Our Head of School

Dr. Joseph Kreutziger

Welcome to St. George’s Episcopal School! After you visit the virtual environs of our website, we hope  you’ll agree that you have to see St.G. 

While St. George's occupies uniquely beautiful grounds, with facilities that connect and range from state-of-the-art to landmark, what you'll actually see is so much more. Extraordinary care is taken with each individual child as a matter of course and curriculum, and an intentional focus is given to building relationships between and among students, parents, faculty, and administration. Educational excellence at St. George’s begins with the simple premise that each child is unique—that is, each child’s strengths are worth cultivating and celebrating, and each child’s challenges are worth identifying and understanding. Because we have not just studied but internalized, embedded, and lived out this simple premise of the individual learner, we have shed misconceptions long ago about learning differences. We all learn differently! It requires an exceptional school culture and faculty to not just understand but celebrate this. Our students know themselves as learners because our teachers know their students as learners unlike any other school in the city. The result is that our students succeed at the finest high schools in the region.

"St. George’s helps kids to find their inner superhero,” one parent expressed to me.   Another expressed that her only regret was that she didn’t start her children at St. George’s sooner.

To accomplish what we do requires an extraordinary degree of intent. We’re intentionally small but generously staffed with a superbly trained faculty; we purposefully begin in early childhood and round out in eighth grade because we know that later adolescent influences hinder the growth and confidence required by young learners to trust themselves to fail and ultimately persevere to succeed. Every day, our students experience an education that honors childhood, that instills kindness and empathy, that promotes the abundant curiosity of its students. All of this happens in a culture of learning where each student feels safe, supported, valued, and included. St. George’s resonates with joyful learning.

This, in other words, is not a school stuck in a 19th century model of education that awkwardly attaches fashionable trends to appear to be onto something. We’re boldly reimagining education by being St. George’s, by being what learning should look like when done right, by aspiring to be more than is expected and already exemplary. But don’t take my word for it. Come see. Come see why you have to see St. G.


The Dr. K Story

On Monday, December 10, 2018, the Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Dr. Joseph Kreutziger as the Head of School at St. George's Episcopal School. Dr. Kreutziger, a New Orleans native, had most recently served as the Director of Middle School at Birch Wathen Lennox School in New York City. The video below was created to help our St. George's community get to know “Dr. K,” as he is known to his students, and welcome him home to New Orleans!

Dr. K on the Blog

March 13th - One Year Stronger

"How utterly improbable, how absolutely unprecedented a year it’s been. Improbably, with masks on and hands sanitized and desks over-wiped, with physical distancing and a spate of quarantines and all of the roller coaster surges and spikes in cases, here we still are, learning together and so nearly all on campus together."