Contact Us

School Address:
923 Napoleon Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

Primary Points of Contact:
Main Office: 504-891-5509
Boh ECC Office:  504-891-8541
After Care: 504-891-8862
Main Fax Number: 504-895-1225
Business Office Fax Number: 504-897-3025

School Entrances:
All visitors to campus must report directly to an office and present identification to receive a visitor's badge. Visitors may enter campus via one of our gates/entrances:

  • Main Office / Middle School: Front-facing entrance on Napoleon Avenue
  • Lower School and Early Childhood Office: The gate on General Pershing Street between Camp and Magazine Streets
  • Deliveries should be made to the Camp Street gate between Napoleon Avenue and General Pershing Street.
  • Visiting athletes and their families may enter the gym directly on General Pershing Street without first reporting to an office.

Office Hours:
During the school year, the office maintains the Monday - Friday hours of 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Our hours change to 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during the summer. The office is closed in conjunction with holiday breaks scheduled during the year.


  • Website feedback and media inquiries should be directed to
  • We love to hear from our alumni! Contact us at
  • For employment inquiries, please reference our Career Opportunities page.
  • Admissions-specific inquiries should be directed to; please also reference our Admissions pages.

Contact Lagniappe:
Faculty, staff and administration email addresses will follow the format of with the exception of our Head of School, whose email address is

Administration, Faculty and Staff Directory

Ms. Andrea Accardi 
Resource Services Teacher

Mrs. Jill Aucoin
Resource Services Teacher

Ms. Tressa Bauer
Pre-K4 Teacher

Ms. Sable Bellizan
Nursery Teacher

Ms. Madeleine Bienvenue
Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

Ms. Deborah Breaux

Mrs. Mary Broussard*
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Mary Brumfield

Ms. Lane Burke
Nursery Teacher

Mrs. Amanda Burns*
Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Mr. Spencer Burns
First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Gael Byrnes
Second Grade Co-Teacher

Ms. Katherine Carroll
Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Tamara Claverie*
Director of Counseling and Wellness

Ms. Annie Curry
Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Mr. Eric Davis*
Director of Maintenance

Ms. Denise DeBlanc
Early Childhood Teacher

Ms. Szerret Farria
Nursery Teacher

Ms. Margie Fell*
School Secretary & Assistant to the Head of School

Ms. Suzie Fowler*
Resource Services

Mr. Jé Gales
Human Resources Coordinator and Office Manager

Mrs. Fiona Garda*
World Language Dept. Chair

Ms. Nancy Ginzel
Second Grade Teacher

Ms. Laila Griffin*
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Lindsey Goeke*
Middle School Language Arts

Mr. Jake Guth
World Language and Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Aimee Hammond
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Aby Hamrick
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Hayley Harang*
Director of Early Childhood

Mrs. Ashlee Harris
Middle School Math Teacher

Mrs. Katie Harris
Director of Admission

Mrs. Mary Hayden
Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Tiffany Hayers*
Middle School French Teacher

Mrs. Ashley Hope
Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Mrs. Liz Hopwood*
Assistant to the Directors of Early Childhood and Lower School

Ms. Sarah Hudson*
Early Childhood Teacher

Mr. Cliff Jeanpierre

Ms. Audrey Isaac
Middle School Science Teacher

Ms. Donna Jimerson
Director of After School Activities

Ms. Gracie Jonas
Pre-K 4 Teacher

Ms. Perrin Jones
Director of Middle School

Ms. Cheryl Kain
Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Karen Kea
Resource Services Teacher

Mrs. Dawn Keith
Early Childhood Teacher

Mr. Wade Kimbro
Physical Education Teacher & Middle School History

Ms. Bailey King
Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

Dr. Joseph Kreutziger
Head of School

Ms. Lisa Kirwin
Third Grade Co-Teacher

Mr. Adam Krolikowski
Desktop Support Technician

Ms. Jessie Kutcher
Director of Athletics

Mrs. Emily LeJeune*
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Damion Lewis

Ms. Eunisha Lewis

Mrs. Danielle Lobell
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Gina Longstreth
Early Childhood Teacher

Ms. Jesse Mathis
Early Childhood Teacher

Miss Caroline McCall
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Mary Ann McCall
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Lindsey McConnell*
Fourth Grade Co-Teacher

Mr. Ryan Meyers*
Director of  Information Technology

Mr. Ned Moore
Kindergarten Co-Teacher and Middle School Play Director

Mrs. Katie Morton*
Director of Communications

Mrs. Tanya Musa*
Middle School Language Arts Dept. Chair

Mrs. Chrissy Negrotto
First Grade Teacher

Ms. Rebecca Ott
Art Teacher

Ms. Hayden Parsons
Art Teacher

Kelcy Patterson
Early Childhood Substitute

Mrs. Jamilah Pelrean

Early Childhood Teacher

Ms. Lizzie Perciful
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Christine Perrin*
Editor of Accolade

Ms. Kathryn Phelan
Early Childhood Teacher

Mr. James Post

Mrs. Catherine Ramsey*
Middle School History Department Chair

Mrs. Kate Remillard*
Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Madelyn Roberts
School Nurse

Mrs. Werner Robinson*
Early Childhood Teacher

Ms. Amy Rosser
Director of Music

Mrs. Sutton Ruiz*
Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Melanie Sandahl
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Molly Sanders
Early Childhood School Counselor

Ms. Karin Sandstrand
Early Childhood Teacher

Ms. Shiloh Sears
Early Childhood Substitute

Mrs. Allie Segura*
Associate Director of Technology 

Ms. Suraya Shepherd
Pre-K 4 Teacher

Ms. Sophie Simonson
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Sison*
Resource Services Teacher

Mrs. Monica Smith
Resource Services

Mr. Werlin (Smitty) Smith, Jr.*

Ms. Emily Snover
Admissions Coordinator

Mrs. Rebecca Spreen
Lower School Science Teacher

Ms. Catherine Sutherland
Middle School History and Language Arts

Mrs. Jonnie Honse Sutter
Director of External Affairs

Ms. Layla Sutton
Library and Middle School Band

Mrs. Sharon Talley*
Resource Services

Mrs. Rebecca Teall*
Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Brigette Thomas* 
Director of Lower School

Mr. Brandon Van Vleck
Middle School Math

Ms. Bria Vaughn

Mrs. Sherri Weiser
Director of Resource Services

Mrs. Jennifer West
Resource Services

Mrs. Linda Williams

Mr. Paul Williams, III
Middle School Math Department Chair

Ms. Sydney Williams
Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Lauren Womac
Advancement Assistant


* Designates that the faculty or staff  member is a current or past parent or grandparent of a St. George's student .