We're Thankful for the Black and Gold
Katie Morton


Though the Saints' season did not end the way we would have liked, it was a perfect reminder of the spirit lying just below the surface-- or just under our masks-- within the city and our St. George's community. Thinking back to last spring, the idea of a 2020 NFL season seemed elusive and impossible, and even as it began, skepticism lingered. What none of us could have imagined, though, was just how much of an impact donning our black and gold would have on us. It brought the sounds of football-filled Sundays, sure, but it also brought us a sense of normalcy and a reminder that, even though we physically distance to keep each other safe, that distance doesn't make us any weaker of a team. We love our New Orleans Saints, and we love you, StG Dragons! Thanks for being a part of our team.

We polled a few of our students this week to hear what they love most about the Saints. Take a look below to see their insightful responses.

Who dat!

"I love the Saints because they brought the city together, and Drew Brees is somebody that everybody can look up to because he's a really good role model. I'm surprised he doesn't already have a street named after him!" - Lizzie Y.









"What I love most about Drew Brees is that he has a good arm, he doesn't get mad at people when they forget to catch, and he is a team leader." - Randy C.










"My favorite player is Drew Brees, but he is taking a little break. I like Drew Brees because he throws the ball really far, and my mom told me he is a good player, so he is my favorite." - Anna L.










"I like the Saints because they are fast. I love Drew Brees because he throws balls, and I love to do that, too. I like Alvin Kamara, too, because he is a nice person." - Robin G.










"One of my favorite players on the Saints is Alvin Kamara. Why I really like him is because he's a great, elusive back, he's kind and he's pretty funny because every single touchdown he scores he eats one Airhead." - Alex B.









"I love the Saints because of how good they play, and I like their jerseys. My favorite player is Alvin Kamara because he is really good at offense." -Angelia M. 











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