The Clear Light of Relationships and Interdependence at Thanksgiving
Katie Morton


Thanksgiving at St. George's is a time for reveling in our community-- in the relationships shared between families and faculty, the friendships formed between classmates and the spirit of our character traits that we hold close to our hearts.

We are especially thankful for you-- our community-- this year as we reflect on fifty years as St. George's Episcopal School. 

If you were unable to join us for this afternoon at St. George's Episcopal Church (and even if you were present), we invite you to view photos from the service below.

First, however, please take a moment to virtually applaud our faculty members recognized today:

  • Mrs. Kate Remillard, recipient of this year's Lelong Family Betsey King Award,
  • Mrs. Monica Smith, for her twenty years of service to the school, and
  • Mrs. Kelly Levasseur, for her ten years of service to the school.


Dr. Kreutziger shared the quote below in his remarks at the service:

I do love Thanksgiving, perhaps my favorite holiday because in the midst of all this chaos, and in my case it’s self-created, we come together in gratitude. We find time and make time for family-- for our closest relations. The Reverend Dan Heischman, Executive Director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, wrote a meditation this week on Thanksgiving, and it made me think of our teachers at St. George’s. He writes,

“Thanksgiving is the great festival of interdependence, as the many gifts for which we are thankful are revealed not to be a result of our own achievement, but seen in the clear light of relationship.”

The "clear light of relationship," especially on this day of the Thanksgiving Service and this week of Thanksgiving, could not shine more brilliantly. We are forever grateful for the gift of your children. Happy Thanksgiving to all!