Reflections from a Dragon Camp Regular
Katie Morton


[Photos in this post are from last year’s Dragon Camp sessions.]

My son has been a faithful Dragon Camp attendee since the age of one. For me, there wasn’t a moment of hesitation the first time I clicked through to the registration page and selected my dates. I knew that the quality of the camp was top notch thanks to its superior organization and leadership, as well as the presence of so many Early Childhood and Lower School teachers on staff.

What I didn’t expect was that the transition for my son from school to camp would be so seamless. Camp-- then and now at age four-- feels so much like a St. George's school day, and that’s a fantastic similarity. It means that the staff are showing the same care and concern for each child, that there’s routine and attention to social and emotional learning, and that the goal of nurturing curiosity and allowing kids to explore remains a priority. Add in water play, and, wow, what a perfect summertime experience!

The transition is also minimized by the simple fact that so many classmates also attend Dragon Camp. Sure, there will be new faces, but those are new friends to meet who might just be in his class in the fall; they might even be students new to St. George's.

We love St. George’s for its engagement in the Project Approach, and to have project work continued in the early years of Dragon Camp both aided in the transition from school to summer and precluded any possibility of a summer slump. I was encouraged, too, to meet teachers from other local independent schools; they chose to work at our summer camp in part because of the fantastic atmosphere but also so that they could learn and practice project work with our highly-trained faculty. Another carryover is a schedule that incorporates specials, including art, yoga, Challenge Island and more.

This past summer, Dragon Camp introduced electives for older Dragon Camp students, including nature art, LEGO STEM, experiments, puppet making, space exploration, among others. My son will experience these electives and more this summer when he’s enrolled, and I know he’s going to love them. Who knows? Maybe this will be the year he finally embraces the big water slide for the fun and refreshing ride that it is, too!

We’re definitely registering for summer at St. George’s. Are you?


Dragon Camp registration is currently open for St. George’s families; it opens to the New Orleans community on Monday, January 20th. Learn more about Dragon Camp by clicking here.

Katie Morton serves as St. George's Director of Communications and is also a St. George's parent.


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