Lower School Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Katie Morton


Lower School Grandparents and Special Friends Day is a joy-filled time at St. George's. Held around the holiday season each year, our campus is filled with songs, hugs and the spirit of the season-- not to mention stacks and stacks of deliciously decorated donuts for our classroom parties.

We want to share our photos and videos from the morning with you, as well as some of the words shared by our Head of School, Dr. Kreutziger:

Welcome all to Grandparents and Special Friends Day when we get to celebrate together with perhaps the people who make us happiest in the world. 

Who can disagree with Donald Norberg when he writes, “Surely two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild and a grandparent”? He of course was able to say this from the privilege of age and time when he could both be a grandfather and remember fondly his own grandparents.

This experience, this shared smile that crosses a generation, is a gift. But it doesn’t take the wisdom of age and maturity to understand this feeling, the depth of this love. 

The question asked of the children leading to the bulletin board displays wrapped like presents here in the theater was, “What gift would you like to give your grandparents or special friends this holiday season?” Some of you will be happy to know that you’re getting diamonds and a golf course, and one of our youngest grandfriends among us has even promised to gift you his diaper now that he no longer needs it! Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

But look more closely after you chuckle. By far the vast majority of gifts listed are these that I give you now: they are “love,” they are “hugs,” they are “health” and “pictures of you with them” and “time spent together.” Yes, they got it right, and with you they always do! It reminds me of that line that I’ve sometimes heard said but only more recently understood: You may have been loving them since they were born, but they’ve been loving you their whole lives.

Is there a greater gift than this one you're here to visit this holiday season? If there is, I don’t know it. 

These children are gifts in our lives as well. St. George’s has always felt like family and a home away from home, and your grandchildren or grandfriends teach us as much as we teach them how to love and value what’s most important. It is also a gift to me and this entire community to welcome you to St. George’s and this special day. We couldn’t do what we do here without your support, and we thank you for it.

Click HERE to enjoy videos from the students' performances!


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