Lessons and Carols 2022: Photos of Our Return to St. George's Episcopal Church
Katie Morton


Our St. George's community gathered at St. George's Episcopal Church for our first in-person Lessons and Carols service since December of 2019. What a special evening it was!

Read Dr. Kreutziger's welcome below and his holiday letter to the community (linked here):

"Welcome, all, to our Lessons and Carols service at St. George’s Church after three long years! I am not missing virtual church services this evening! From scripture readings to singing to performances of our Orff ensembles, to celebrating our first Christmas service together here with our new rector of St. George’s, the Reverend Stephanie Fox, to our special recognitions for exemplary service to our presentation of the Lelong Family Betsey King Award for Faculty Excellence—well,  there’s so much to celebrate and look forward to this eve before our dismissal for the winter holidays. It is truly a blessing to be here."

During this joyous season, we wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays, filled with God’s blessing, special moments and fond memories to last you throughout the new year.

The Lelong Family Betsey King Award for Faculty Excellence

In 2013, Bruce and Lynn Lelong generously established the Lelong Family Fund as part of the St. George’s Endowment. From this fund, the Betsey King Award was founded. The award pays tribute to Betsey as the founding head of St. George’s, as a dedicated teacher, as an enthusiastic fundraiser, and as a staunch proponent for the education of children. The Lelong Family Betsey King award is presented annually to a faculty member who is making a difference daily in the lives of their students, in the classroom and beyond. The recipient’s teaching must provide a strong foundation in students that will lead them to success. This only happens through an expertise in education and teaching, a dedication to students and their individual needs, strong partnership with parents and colleagues, and going above and beyond to support the mission of the school.

2022-2023 Recipient: Jennifer Sison, Resource Services (pictured below)

Years of Service Recognition

Five Years:
Amanda Burns (Middle School Language Arts), Gael Byrnes (2nd Grade Small Group Instructor), Denise DeBlanc (Early Childhood One-Year-Old Teacher), Aimee Hammond (Kindergarten Small Group Instructor), Gracie Jonas (Early Childhood Pre-K4 Teacher), Caroline McCall (Early Childhood Two-Year-Old Teacher), Rebecca Ott (Early Childhood and Lower School Art Teacher), James Post (Chaplain, St. George's Episcopal Church), Amy Rosser (Director of Music and Creative Arts Department Chair) and Lauren Womac (Interim Director of Admission)

Ten Years:
Jennifer Sison (Resource Services) and Jennifer West (Resource Services)

Fifteen Years:
Arleen Abele (After Care), Mary Brumfield (Maintenance), Fiona Garda (World Languages), Hayley Harang (Director of Early Childhood), Katie Morton (Director of Marketing and Communications) and Allie Segura (Director of Technology)

Twenty Years:
Sylvia Ellis (Early Childhood Pre-K4 Assistant Teacher)

Twenty-Five Years:
Tanya Musa (Middle School Language Arts Teacher and Department Chair)

Security Team Special Recognition:
Johnnie Carter (22 years), Kenneth Polite (30 years), Vera Polite (12 years) and Anthony Stovall (25 years)

Pictured below: StG Security Team (Johnnie Carter, Kenneth Polite, Anthony Stovall and Vera Polite), Sylvia Ellis, Jennifer West, Jennifer Sison and James Post. Five-year increments (5, 15 and 25 years) were celebrated at a special faculty and staff meeting held on campus.

 Lessons and Carols Service 2022 at St. George's Episcopal Church

Student Lectors
Margot S., Charlotte S., Jake M., Caroline B., Gigi W. and Jack S.

"Away in a Manger" (1st Grade)
"African Noel" (2nd Grade and 6th Grade Orff Ensemble)
"Tiny Little Baby" (3rd Grade)
"Sing Lullaby" (4th Grade and 8th Grade Orff Ensemble)
"Carol of the Bells" (8th Grade Orff Ensemble)
"Silent Night" (8th Grade Orff Ensemble)

Pictured below: Margot S., 1st Grade, Charlotte S., 2nd Grade, 6th Orff Ensemble (2), Jake M. and Caroline B., 3rd Grade (2), Gigi W., and Jack S., 4th Grade (2), 8th Grade Orff Ensemble (3), Dr. Kreutziger and Rev. Stephanie Fox.



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