Get to Know Anne "Annie" Balart Michaels, StG Board Chair
Lauren Scioneaux


We are excited to begin a new series of blog posts this year that introduce St. George's families to key members of our school community, including members of the Board of Trustees.


Get to Know Anne "Annie" Balart Michaels, Chair of St. George's Board of Trustees

Q: What are some of your hobbies? 

A: I wish I had more time for hobbies; I think doing the things that bring us joy and connect us to ourselves is something we should all make time for! My top hobbies are reading, boxing, cooking and entertaining, and I try do each of them as much as possible. A perfect night to me is an evening where I can spend a few hours in the kitchen making a big meal and feeding lots of people! Does watching Ted Lasso count as a current hobby?! If so, let's count that as one!

Q: What is something that most people do not know about you? 

A: My father was born in Cuba and moved to the United States in 1961, settling in New Orleans. I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba in 2019, and it was an incredible experience to see the country where my father was born.

Q: What has surprised you most about your experience of serving as a trustee at St. George's? 

A: Serving as a trustee for StG is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. One of the things that has surprised me the most is the friendships that I have made and how connected I have become to so many fellow parents through our work on the board. The friendships and connections I have made are something I will cherish for a lifetime.

Q: What are you most proud of about St. George's? 

A: It is hard to say what I am most proud of about StG; the list is endless, and I truly believe StG is the most incredible school in New Orleans! One thing that makes me most proud is the inclusivity of our school and community and how each student is celebrated as an individual with a unique blend of talents and strengths. We are the only school in the city that teaches such a wide variety of learners, and that is something I'm immensely proud of. 

Q: What excites you most about St. George's future? 

A: There are two things that make me most excited about StG's future. The first is the continued leadership of Dr. Kreutziger and being able to serve as Board Chair as he leads the school into its next 50 years. Dr. K's leadership during the pandemic has been exceptional. His balance of strength and resolve with compassion and empathy is remarkable and allowed him to lead-- and continue to lead-- our school community brilliantly through what I imagine will be one of the most challenging chapters in our lives. Dr. K has tremendous vision and has a growth mindset that will enable him to lead StG into a very bright future. // I am also very excited about the work we are doing with the JEDI Coalition and in building a sustainable community that is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. There is a tremendous opportunity through StG' s JEDI work to build a more cohesive and collaborative community where all people and voices are heard, celebrated and equal. As Board Chair, I am excited to help lead the school in this work.

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