Full Circle at St. George's
Lauren Scioneaux

This year, St. George's is delighted to have two new faculty members who are also alumna. We know St. George's is a special place but when our students graduate, go off to high school and college, and then find their way back here, it speaks volumes to our community. We are so proud to have two St. George's graduates continuing their legacy at StG!


I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and an alumna of St. George's Episcopal School. I attended St. George’s from Pre-K to 8th grade and graduated in 2011. I attended De La Salle High School then went on to the University of Southern Mississippi and received a B.S. in Child and Family Sciences with an emphasis in Child Development.

 My time at St. George’s fostered a lifelong love of learning that I carry with me in both my educational and personal life. At St. George’s, I was surrounded by teachers who supported me whole-heartedly. The dedicated faculty at STG encouraged me to persevere through all of the ups and downs of coping with dyslexia. They helped me develop my special gifts and talents and challenged me to be creative and confident in my abilities. In the process, I grew to value my own learning style and everything I am uniquely capable of. The St. George’s community inspired me to become a teacher who nurtures the whole child individually. I want to show the same care that was given to me to my own students. It is my goal to help them feel comfortable and confident exploring and learning in their environment. I am overjoyed to be back at St. George’s as a Pre-K4 teacher! 


My name is Sable Bellizan. I live in New Orleans, LA. I graduated from St. George’s in 2000. My career in early childhood started at St. George’s as an aftercare worker in 2008, then I went on to work at St. Louis King of France for 6 years and continued my journey at St. Paul’s Episcopal School until 2020.

It has always been my dream to come back St. George’s to continue teaching and inspire students with my story as a person who struggled with dyslexia. I graduated in 2012 with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts. I have a CDA in infant/toddlers and I am pursing a degree in elementary education as well as certification in Art Therapy. 

I have been an educator for ten years. I love children, photography, mixed media, poetry and cooking.