Congratulations, Class of 2021!
Katie Morton


The Graduation and Awards Ceremony for the St. George's Class of 2021 was a beautiful morning of shared memories and moments of celebration for a group of brand new StG alumni with achievements galore.

Held at St. George's Episcopal Church on St. Charles Avenue, the ceremony included the day's twenty-five graduates, their families, School Chaplain James Post, Rev. Julia Rusling, the Middle School faculty and members of the administration and staff. 

Students gathered in the undercroft prior to the ceremony for photos, corsage and boutonnierre placement, final instructions and the opportunity to visit with classmates and find moments of joy and laughter in each other's company. At nine a.m., students lined up to climb the stairs to the sanctuary and process down the aisle to their seats.

After students, faculty and other ceremony participants were seated, Mother Julia delivered an opening prayer. Mr. Alex Breckinridge, Board Chair and St. George's alumnus, welcomed attendees and addressed the graduates as new alumni of the school:

"St. George’s Episcopal School is honored to begin counting you among our alums starting today. I take particular pleasure in sharing that alumni experience with you going forward. This community is something that you will always be a part of and one that will love and embrace you no matter where you are in your journey. Trust me when I say that the St. George’s experience will set you up for success for so many years to come. As you head into the next chapter of your academic life, go with the blessings of this community, and remember that you always have a home here with us."

Dr. Kreutziger delivered his own remarks to the graduates and their families, speaking to the perseverance of the Class of 2021 through this past year and sharing the poem "Pandemic" by Lynn Unger, a Jewish Unitarian Minister. He reminded all present of the many eighth grade accomplishments, activities and accolades of the 2020-2021 school year, saying:

"Despite how hard this has been for all of us, there’s something incredibly satisfying about this moment, and not just because it’s summer and the closing of the school year and your middle school career. You did all of this in a pandemic, a once in a century outbreak. What an extraordinary way to cap off an extraordinary year, one none of us will forget. Not in spite of the pandemic, but because of the pandemic, celebrating your achievements is all the more satisfying and important."

The awards program followed, honoring recipients of academic and athletic awards, scholarships and our three primary honors: The Dragon Award (Jack H.), the Head of School's Award (Kasia W.) and the Order of St. George (Lizzie Y.). For a full list of awards, please continue to the end of this post. Speeches were delivered by three members of the Class of 2021: Rylan C., Gardner T. and Lizzie Y. Their remarks reflected on their shared years at St. George's, the friendships they've made and all that the school means to them and their classmates. Each address was a glimpse into the speakers' personalities, strengths and values.

Finally, diplomas were presented with each student honored. Mother Julia led families and school staff in the St. George's School Prayer-- a blessing over our graduates and school-- and a closing prayer. Finally, Kaden F., our Student Council President, rang out the school year, marking the official beginning of summer for the St. George's community. 


Meet our St. George's Episcopal School Class of 2021:
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2021 Middle School Awards:

Order of St. George: Lizzie Y.
Head of School Award: Kasia W.
Dragon Award: Jack H.

Departmental Awards

Marcia Bridge Cooke Award for Mathematics: Lizzie Y.
Gwen Moore Emerging Scholar Award: Gardner T.
History: Harrison K.
Science: Heston S.
French: Serena R.
Spanish: Luke W.
Art: Hailey H.
Music: Aiden P.
Physical Education: Rylan C.

Cottonwood Oratory Festival Senior Division Winner: Copeland B.
Cottonwood Oratory Festival Junior Division Winner: Caroline C.

Grade Level Awards

Fifth Grade Academic: Graham T.
Fifth Grade Perseverance: Margot S.
Fifth Grade Citizenship: Jacob L.
Fifth Grade Coaches Awards: Charles B., Caroline B., Zoey G. and Mason L.
Sixth Grade Academic: John-William E.
Sixth Grade Perseverance: Renée M.
Sixth Grade Citizenship: Amelia C.
Sixth Grade Coaches Awards: John-William E., Sam G, Renée M., and Gigi W.
Seventh Grade Academic: Catherine D.
Seventh Grade Perseverance: Ian P.
Seventh Grade Citizenship: Nancy J.
Seventh Grade Coaches Awards: Aiden P. and Jenna T.
Eighth Grade Coaches Awards: Copeland B., Rylan C., Jack H., Max I., Serena R., Kasia W. and Luke W.


Arthur Carroll Waters, III, Spirit Award: Miles G. and Nancy J.
Helen Salinas Honoré Scholarship: Jack E. and Aiden P.
St. Martin's Episcopal School Bishop Brown Scholarship Recipient: Kata S.


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