Character in Motion: The Third Grade Walk-a-Thon
Katie Morton


For over twenty years, St. George's third graders have given their time-- and a substantial amount of energy-- to raise money for the American Red Cross through their annual Walk-a-Thon.

On average, each third grade class raises $3,000-- a substantial sum. "It makes me feel good to help the Red Cross because it's such a good thing to do, and it reminds me of our character traits," says Asher.

Sure enough, the service learning initiative encourages compassion in line with the charity's mission, as well as perseverance during the walk. "It actually felt pretty good to walk two miles because we were with our friends," mentioned Noah.

The route, covering over two miles, took the group all the way around Audubon Park and then across Magazine Street to the Fly, where they celebrated with a picnic and unstructured time with friends.

"It was really fun because at the end we got to eat, hang out with our friends and play football," Caige said.

Another piece of the tradition is that the students are able to design their shirts each year. Via a faculty vote (not knowing the student who drew each design), a winner is picked, and that student's artwork is printed onto t-shirts for the students and their teachers. This year's winner was Odette, and the shirts looked fantastic!

The total amount raised for this year's walk will be announced soon. If you'd like to make a donation, email Sutton Ruiz at

Thank you, third graders, Mrs. Ruiz and Ms. Rutsch, for being excellent stewards of St. George's and for demonstrating our PIRCs in action! Congratulations on a great Walk-a-Thon!


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