Celebrating Your Defining Moments
Katie Harris


This final trimester of 2019-2020 has looked like none other for all of us. For me, this leap into the unknown has been the definition of this school year. As I stepped into the role of Director of Admission, I stepped out of the Early Childhood Jasmine Room and into grand Porteous Hall. I changed my uniform from tennies and comfy dresses to fancier shoes and slightly less comfy dresses. I traded my endless repertoire of engaging games and songs for inspiring stories of perseverance, acceptance and encouragement. I’ve always been a story-teller at heart, but now my stories are non-fiction and don’t (usually) rhyme. 

When I accepted this role, I knew there would be some parts of the year when I would yearn to be back in the classroom. I knew the final weeks of school would be one of those times. In years past, May would find me frantically compiling portfolios, preparing for conferences and reminiscing on the amazing projects of the year. But most of all, I would be cherishing every hug from my sweet students. Teachers, I am so sorry that this opportunity has been robbed from you. 

Students, you would be holding onto bragging rights from Field Day (Go Dragons!), attending extra-help sessions for exams, looking back at another year of learning and friendship and eating ALL the pizza at class parties. You’d be bringing sweet thoughts to show appreciation for your teachers and taking endless “last day of school” pictures for your parents. You’d be scoping out next year’s classrooms and teachers and crossing your fingers you get the “really nice one.” Spoiler alert: they are all the “really nice ones.” 

Students, I am so sorry that this opportunity has been robbed from you, too. Eighth graders, I know that graduation won’t look the same, you won’t have that final lunch in the Middle School Commons and you won’t have those opportunities to continue sporting your matching red sweatshirts even though it’s pushing 90 degrees outside. 

None of this is what we planned, but I will not let this pandemic overshadow the incredible successes of this St. George’s school year. I hope you won’t either. 

I want you to remember that feeling... 
when you moved up a reading level
when you finally had no more edits on your writing assignment and could publish your final draft
when you made it to the finals in soccer
when you didn’t need to ask your teacher to tie your shoes anymore
when you climbed up the big ladder on the playground
when you switched to big-kid underwear
when your Pre-K4 buddy ran up to you with a huge hug
when long division finally clicked in math
when you won the FLL Robotics qualifying tournament
when you played in the rain so long that your boots filled to the brim
when your magic trick worked on stage at the talent show
when you first made sound on your wind instrument
when you finally recited your oratory piece without any mistakes

These-- and so many more-- are the defining moments of the 19-20 school year. Let’s celebrate and not forget them. Congratulations on a wonderful year, Dragons.



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