Every Child Learns Differently

That simple fact drives everything we do at StG. Our version of individualized learning means every child will be challenged—and every child will be supported.

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Challenge and Support


At StG, we continuously assess each child’s abilities—on a daily, weekly, monthly basis—to provide the right mix of challenge and support.

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Learning in Motion

Our classrooms shift—hour by hour and subject by subject—to shape education to your child. Dynamic and flexible student groupings are part of how we challenge and support your child.

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Success Teams

Meet the cheerleaders, mentors and advocates championing your child’s growth. Our success teams guide each student to reach his or her personal best.

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Ready for the World

Our positive, nurturing environment helps StG students discover how they learn best—and what it takes for them to succeed. 

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JEDI in the Classroom: Belonging

When reduced to its essence, JEDI at StG is belonging. It is ensuring and reinforcing that every child feels safe, valued, included and supported at St. George’s. As parents, this gives us the confidence that each of our children is loved for who they are and feels a sense of belonging every day they walk through the doors of their classes. Our faculty, staff and administration do a wonderful job of weaving the principles of JEDI into the fabric of StG, of instilling in our children the values that recognize the dignity and worth of every human being. 

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What Sets Us Apart?

We pride ourselves in being able to do what is right and best for each individual child. Through our low student-to-teacher ratio, dedicated faculty and family-like atmosphere, students gain the confidence needed to achieve success in academics, social development and emotional well-being. Our graduates are ready for the world, not just high school.


Who We Are

St. George’s is an inclusive, welcoming community of students in nursery through 8th grade who are curious, creative, smart, funny and kind– a new generation of innovators ready for high school, college and a world of opportunity. We are a coeducational, Episcopal, independent school, but what does that mean? Click below to find out!